Afro Snowflakes

Afro Snowflakes

The name « Afro Snowflakes » is more than a name. It represents the tough Winters faced by the brave immigrants and various actors who decide to venture to North America. On the other hand, the name represents hope and the future full of challenges for the young continent.

The objectives of the Gala are to:

●Manifest a symbol of recognition for pioneers working to develop the economic relationship between Canada and Africa;
●Suscitate a conscious commitment of an emerging community;
●Value the achievements of socio-economic, intellectual and scientific actors who are on these territories;
●Encourage and create a desire to develop the Canada-Africa Axis.

The Sparkly Snowflake

Mr. Mountaga Sy holds an MBA in Finance and Administration from the Université du Québec à Montréal-UQAM. He has the reputation of being a methodical and eloquent man. The reason for this is undoubtedly his status as a certified professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure d’Enseignement Professionnel et Technique – ENSEPT in Dakar. The State of Senegal, his current employer, has appointed Mountaga SY as Director of the Agency for the execution of the major development project – APIX. Senegal is a member of the African Union, WAEMU, ECOWAS, OMVG, OMVS. Mr. Mountaga Sy, who has held decision-making positions in Europe, Canada and Africa, has been chosen Since his appointment as head of in 2004, Mr. Sy has contributed to the implementation of the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE). He has thus ensured the coordination of very large projects involving various ministries and foreign technical and financial partners. To this end, Mountaga Sy, winner of the Flocon d’Afrique 2022 award, has made a major contribution to the construction of the new Blaise-Diagne International Airport in Diass, Senegal. His Agency has also piloted Regional Express Train (TER) project of Dakar which is now on the rails. Since Mr. Sy’s tenure at APIX, Senegal has emerged as one of the top three (3) destinations in sub-Saharan Africa, with reforms to its credit that have achieved remarkable results. For example, in 2015, foreign investments had recorded a 17% growth, or 1,659 billion FCFA (or 3.5 billion Canadian dollars).

Sparkly Snowflake 2022

Senegal's stability, the incentives of the new investment code in key sectors as well as access to land are among the assets that reinforce the fervent development of Africa. Moreover, the economic actors who deal in the European (EU/ACP agreements), American (AGOA) and Canadian (Canadian Initiative Act) markets are witnesses to the smooth running of these exchanges. The dynamism that Mountaga Sy and his team have deployed for the Emerging Senegalese Plan (PSE), reflects, in a concrete way, the vision of the President of the Republic of Senegal Mr. Macky Sall.

APIX thus continues to distinguish itself in the second phase of deployment of the PES, 2019-2023. It has the distinction of being a stage of concretization and execution of presidential directives. To this end, APIX is the central artisan who, in collaboration with major ministries such as Economy, Finance and Planning, Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening up Senegal, Digital Economy and Telecommunications, will continue to consolidate Senegal as the strategic gateway to West Africa for any investor or traveler with the ambition to commit to the future. It is also important to note that despite his busy schedule, Mr. Mountaga Sy takes the time to commit to his community. He is the mayor of his home territory. He also supports the people of the Black community in Canada and does not hesitate to get involved in major challenges. Through his charisma and his influence Mr. Mountaga Sy has inspired many to take the path of return and he always arouses a great interest for Africa among Quebecers and Canadians who know the discreet and humble person that he is. In sum, the path of Mr. Mountaga Sy, elected Flocon Scintillant 2022 is perfectly in line with the vision of the ThinkTomorrow Foundation in digital: to put in the spotlight an exemplary person who represents the open-mindedness of the realities of the 21st century. We are convinced that Mr. Mountaga SY will follow in the footsteps of Ms. Rosemary Sadlier, Flocon Scintillant 2021.


Entrepreneurial Flake

Running a business seems easy. Entrepreneurs who manage to make their dream a reality overcome many obstacles before reaching their goal. In this category, those who have taken up the challenges and set up new activities as a self-employed worker or SME will be rewarded.

Science Flake

The purpose of the scientific section is to recognize the candidate's research, discoveries or any other significant contribution to current issues. The candidate may come from a pure science, economic, legal, social or institutional background.

Communication and Information Flake

Living together implies being informed and communicating. Traditional tools such as the telephone, TV and radio have made room for social media, and new players have changed the market. Although information remains an element of power, it suffers from the invasion of sometimes harmful elements. Encourage with a distinction those who inform or communicate according to the rules of art to salute their courage.

Africa Canada Flake

Canada and Africa have a lot of commonalities even the relationship is relatively young, as are the countries. Strengthening the relationship through trade, human exchanges and made according to human values will establish the basis for a relationship that is meant to last.

Gastronomy Flake

From one continent to another, or from one region to another, there are nevertheless many different traditions. The sacred moment when the family comes together and offers food and shelter is felt in the meals cooked here and elsewhere. The committee found it important to award the good tables that represent their traditional meals while adapting them to the realities of their host country. Discover with the nominees of the Flocon Gastronomie, pioneers who make your taste buds travel or give you comfort food when you are homesick.

Exceptional Flake

The future is built through relationships that are forged and developed over time. Although the future is not clearly defined, it is possible through measures to perceive those that have the potential to blossom and make the Canada-Africa relationship shine.

Culture Flake

In any civilization, culture is perceived in the way of life, the habits and customs. Culture is the heritage of traditions, colored by practices borrowed from other cultures. Despite the dress code and food are the most perceptible. Our soul is also often lulled by songs or rhythms even if the language is unknown to us. Reading, visiting exhibitions, attending shows or seeing works of art that take us out of the ordinary are other ways of consuming culture that are integrated into our habits. Because of the pandemic and the digital culture, many artists gave up creation. They have converted to other jobs in order to feed themselves and pay their bills. We must more than ever support our artists.

Sparkling Afro Snowflake

The Sparkling Flake is a non-competition prize. It is awarded by the Committee to an outstanding person who has contributed to an innovation, discovery or historical fact that revolutionizes a sector or changes in a significant and measurable way our community or the world. The nominee should also inspire through his or her behavior. IFor this edition the choice is awarded to Mrs. Rosemary Sandlier .

Community Manager Flake

From collective online programming, which brought together people from different backgrounds around a common interest or concern. Time has passed, then we have known virtual spaces that host trading platforms, self-help communities, discussions, and learning. In addition to educating, they also bring the individual out of isolation. Today, most people who have an account on a social network belong to at least one group. That's why it's important to pay tribute to the pioneers of social networks who created invaluable solidarity media.

Unifying Snowflake

If the art of language is magnified by writing poetry in particular, writing a song remains an arduous but little recognized work. Indeed, to be able to codify feelings in text, to transpose it on a musical score and to interpret it is a gift that nature offers to few people.
The music expresses the states of mind, consoles or galvanizes the human being. Making musical arrangements or writing are difficult exercises.
Singing a song too , from religious to erotic rhythms, is nothing else than the way to express the soul. In regard, recognition to those who manage to create harmony beyond our walls, across borders is a duty.



The Afro Snowflake Gala aims to reward the economic actors, scientists, volunteers and other artisans who have been building the bridge between Canada and Africa.
« PenserDemain » is a foundation that focuses on the transmission of knowledge, the increase of collective well-being, and contributing for peace and security. The members are individuals, volunteers, serving their respective communities for decades. They have been working together since 2017 on community projects. Now they decide to join forces and create an organization that formalizes their shared vision, values and intentions.

Thank you for supporting the voluntary actions for the community

The foundation "PenserDemain" in digital has for :


To create an inclusive community of Canadian business people, scientists, experts, research professors and other experts in the digital world.


To be the hub of knowledge and knowledge for people developing Canada-Africa relations.


Popularize technologies, collaborate and create synergies with digitals tools.

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